“Monice Mitchell Simms writes with passion and authenticity in this emotionally gripping story of family, struggle, and triumph.” – Lyah Beth LeFlore, NY Times & Essence Bestselling Author

Monice Mitchell Simms is a highly gifted writer whose artistic voice and literary style commands our attention and praise.” – Dr. Cornel West

“Director Monice Mitchell scores…” – Hollywood Reporter

“Monice Mitchell Simms has a gift. And there’s a need for that gift. Her gift has now met the need and Address: House of Corrections is the purpose. It’s a brilliant book.  She’s a brilliant writer.” – Tavis Smiley

“A Reel Rising Star…” – Emerge Magazine

“From Locust Grove, Georgia to Detroit, Michigan, the debut novel from Monice Mitchell Simms is a journey that grabs a hold of you from page one and doesn’t let you go until the end.  Even then, you’ll be begging for more.” – Reads4Pleasure — Read Entire Review

“Monice Mitchell Simms is a storyteller. I don’t mean that to sound light or insignificant…Simms has written such a page turner that it’s girth surprisingly never hits any lulls or feels overworked. This debut is also the promising beginning of a trilogy of which I highly anticipate the sequel, The Mailman’s Daughter. If you like great, meaty stories, do get your hands on a copy of Address: House of Corrections.” – BrownGirl Book Speak —  Read Entire Review

“Ms. Simms has captured the essence of life in her novel Address: House of Corrections. The stories with in the novel were a magnet which kept me reading more and more. Her insight and storytelling make her a top notch author. I love this book.” – Summiyah — Read Entire Review

I couldn’t put this book down. A page turner, each burning beneath my fingers, I read it in two days! Awesome. I look forward to the rest of the trilogy.” – Quincy LeNear Gossfield, Filmmaker/Writer — Read Entire Review

“This is an incredible story. I can’t wait for it to become a movie.” – Bruce Simms — Read Entire Review

“I started this book on Sunday and couldn’t put it down. By late Monday, I had finished reading it.Well, I had almost finished it, because I refuse to read the last chapter until the author publishes the next book! ” – Malla Haridet — Read Entire Review

“Monice Mitchell Simms proves to be a masterful writer as she tells this very personal and emotional story about the life of a young African American woman and the struggles she faces as a child and young adult. But more than that, it is a story of a family which spans generations and provides a probing look not only into the private and difficult lives of its characters but into the youthful days of a city rich with personality, promise, and possibility. “A Customer — Read Entire Review

“A description of a certain Corinthian Baptist Church sister rolling her full neck around as she caught the spirit was original and hilariously written. I was truly laughing out loud! Masterful writing. Love this book.” – Sonya Vann

“I just finished reading your wonderful book (as did friends and family.) The overwhelming response is we can’t wait to read the next two books and see the movie. Everyone at the salon is talking about your book and if our salon is an indicator, you have a best seller!” – Stephanie Rutledge, partner, Belle Espirit Salon & Day   Spa, Lathrup Village, Michigan

“I was able to LITERALLY meet Merry, Teeny, Terry, Silas, Kat, Jr. Baby and all the other members of this dynamical literary biography!! Monice, I commend you, I honor you and find myself to be so thankful to have known and met your talented ancestral line!! Kudos to you, Monice. Only God given gifts can take these events and  turn them into a masterpiece!!” – Richelle Cason

“Ugly Southern tradition, abuse, the Great Migration, and Detroit’s former glory. Dynamic and intriguingly captivating tale of personal and family struggles. Couldn’t put it down. Read it in a day and half! Can’t wait to continue this family’s journey.” -Shawnta Porter

Address: House of Corrections: A talented work of art. The author keeps the reader engaged as she skillfully weaves time and the lives of a family lead by African American women, who persevered through family struggles, secrets, lies and issues.” – Constance Luckett, Dialogue Divas Bookclub, Detroit

“Monice – I am loving the book! I didn’t get much housework done this weekend – kept finding myself curled in my reading chair…good stuff!” – Sheila Campbell Savannah

“Finished reading Address: House of Corrections Thursday morning. A triumphant debut of which, I so humbly assert your literary foremother Zora Neale Hurston would be proud. I can’t wait to read the rest of The Mailman’s Daughter.” – Sonya Vann


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