“can’t you feel a brand new day? can’t you feel a brand new day?,” lyrics and music by the legendary luther vandross, sung by the cast of “the wiz.”

fam!!!! can u believe it? it has been a whole year since i officially published my debut novel, address: house of corrections! (i had a test run on createspace before i told all of you about it, but i digress…)

anyhoo…i just wanted to take out some time and reflect on my phenomenal journey thus far. how i began as a penniless new author and am now rolling in dough…. lol! well, not yet, but it’s coming!

over the past year, there have been many milestones and accomplishments. luckily, in addition to this blog, i’ve been keeping a blessings/achievements journal, so that i wouldn’t forget anything.

the generalities of my experience, i’ve pretty much shared with you already. but now, i wanna throw a few specific numbers at you. and to save all of us some time, i’m gonna condense my title down to a:hc, o.k? ;)

fam, thanx to God and your support, since march 1, 2010,

and these are just the highlights.

like life, of course, there were peaks and valleys in between, but i’ll spare you those. i just wanted to list these blessings/accomplishments here, not to brag, but to give anybody out there some encouragement that you can do it, too.

you don’t have the money? so what.

don’t have the time? smells like an excuse to me.

your kids and husband are driving you crazy? look, if you’re really serious about writing that book that you’ve been talking about for years, do it! carve out some quiet space for yourself — even if it has to be at 3 o’clock in the morning when the rest of the house is asleep — and get to writing!

o.k. let me step down off my soap box now. what’s next for me and address: house of corrections? the audio series. i’m not gonna say when now, because i’ve been sooo excited about this project that i under estimated how much work it would take to get it done and announced a few dates already that have come and gone. but it’ll be real soon, so hang on!

also look forward to a film version and t.v. mini-series of my novel — if i have my way. i’m drafting both scripts now. when hollywood comes knocking this time, i’m gone be ready! trust!

note: for fun, click on this youtube link and check out toni tone tony’s anniversary video. this was my jaaaam back in the day. lol!

buy your copy today! Address:House of Corrections- a novel inspired

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